The news and improvements of the VESTA Alarm System are detailed below, from firmware 28E and higher:

User Interface improvement, two options for mode switching added

Now users have the possibility to abort the arming, or close the timing window to continue using the APP

Possibility of applying configurations (Sensitivity and double knock or double detection) in outdoor PIRCAMS from SmartHomeSec:

Once configured, we must press the “learn” button on the detector for 4 seconds to apply the configuration

🚀 Optimization of photo transmission speed in case of alarm

In the event of an alarm, the system processes the transmission of the captured photos individually, thus optimizing the reception time of the first photos:

Improved configuration templates

  • In the templates, the option of programming user codes massively has been added
  • Option for APN configuration in template

Rules restricted by master or installer code

Advanced rules can only be created and managed by users previously authorized by the installer. When trying to access the rules section from the WEB or APP SmartHomeSec, a Master user code will be requested:

Possibility to use the hybrid keypad siren (COMBO) in all areas

Remote wired zone module FW update

Now it is possible to update the wired zone module of the hybrid control panels from SmartHomeSec completely remotely.

Improved translations in all available languages

Improvement of the integration of AEOTEC devices by Z-WAVE

New BLE service in the SmartHomeSec APP

The BLE service is a bluetooth service used to communicate with the VESTA system’s bluetooth wristbands and keyboards.

The update system has been improved, adding a countdown timer during the update of the panel

French Polynesia prefix (+689) in panel or user registration has been added

The possibility of managing the rules section remotely for BOGP control panels has been added

Optimization of automatic switching between 4G/3G and GPRS in BOGP exchanges (LTE)

What version do I need to upgrade to to get all the features?

  • VESTA-046 and VESTA-047 panels: HPGW_G_demes-
  • VESTA-046N, -047N, -111, -112 y -113 panels: GL_demes-
  • VESTA-243 panels: ESGW_demes-
  • BOGP panels: BOGP_demes_2.0.3.6A1

How to update? 

All the updates are published and available for the control panels in the update section: