VESTA, the most flexible and comprehensive security system on the market, effectively integrates wBolt, Watchman Door’s smart lock. Unlike other brands, VESTA uses the Zigbee protocol to communicate directly with the lock, eliminating the need for a bridge or internet connection, thus offering greater system security.

In addition, the wBolt lock has built-in tamper signals that can be detected and reported as an alarm trigger by the VESTA panel in the event of unauthorised access or tampering.



Advantages of the wBolt smart lock and its integration with VESTA 

The success of wBolt, the Watchman Door smart lock designed and produced in Barcelona, is partly due to its adaptability, as it can be installed in any access control issue, such as private homes, entrances to gates, lifts, retail furniture, car park doors, hotel doors, shop windows…

Unlike traditional locks, wBolt is an invisible lock compatible with any door on the market. Its integration with VESTA, as we have already mentioned, is carried out via Zigbee with end-to-end communication. It does not require TCP/IP access or a pluggable gateway.

Another interesting aspect is the possibility of programming rules through the VESTA Alarm System, including automatic opening on disarming, automatic blocking by means of a timetable, temporary codes for opening or the use of the 3,500 combinations of automatic rules already offered by VESTA.

Finally, its 24-hour alarm by vibration, which also includes an adjustable seismic alarm, stands out.

wBolt lock features

Discover all the features and specifications of the wBolt smart lock (WBOLT-001), the most important of which are the following: 

  • Blind metal deadbolt for all types of doors.
  • ZigBee protocol natively integrated with VESTA
  • Opening and closing via VESTA commands
  • Door and battery status monitoring
  • Vibration tamper sensor
  • App for autonomous management
  • Includes 4 AA batteries