VESTA’s V-MAX BUS hybrid control panel is the innovative solution that redefines space protection, combining innovation, functionality and a high level of security. Designed to meet the most demanding requirements, this control panel offers an all-in-one alarm system that integrates VESTA’s own “V-MAX BUS” technology with EN 50131 Grade 3 certification.

VESTA’s V-MAX BUS hybrid control panel is distinguished by its innovation and the added value it brings to security and system management. It is not limited to being a conventional alarm system; it goes further by integrating other manufacturers into VESTA’s own ecosystem.

Zones and connectivity

The system features 16 conventional on-board zones and a 128-zone multiplexed BUS (V-MAX BUS), which allows the connection of such innovative native devices as PIRCAMs with resolutions up to 720p, anti-masking functions and Grade 3 certification. VESTA is the only manufacturer worldwide to offer these devices. In addition, a variety of devices can be connected, including supervised power supplies, amplifiers, BUS isolators, conventional PIR sensors and controllers for access control integration.

What is truly innovative about V-MAX BUS technology is its high flexibility in wired areas, allowing for different installation and communication modes, such as star or cascade configuration, to adapt to installation challenges. In addition, the connection terminals of the devices are removable, facilitating the installation work for technicians. As for the connection of conventional zones, VESTA’s hybrid control panel can automatically read the resistive values of the zones, eliminating the need to use new resistors and manipulate the sensors already installed.

The control panel is expandable up to 640 zones, as it is a hybrid system that incorporates a radio receiver to expand the system’s devices. In addition, it has communications via LTE (4G), with switching to lower bands to guarantee transmission (3G and 2G), TCP/IP, Wi-Fi, and the option of LoraWan as a third way of communication in case of failure.

State-of-the-art security and maximum efficiency

Considering the above features, such as the ease of installation and reconnection of existing elements, together with the incorporation of all communication modules, we are looking at the best system for retrofitting. The savings in operating costs are significantly higher than any other system on the market. In addition, VESTA stands out for its ease of programming, both through the SmartHomeSec application and its backend management platform. The latter allows programming through predefined templates and bidirectional management of all connected elements.

The system has advanced automation and home automation functions through Z-WAVE and ZIGBEE technologies, supported by a multi-rule programming system that facilitates interaction between all the elements. This provides added value both to customers, by offering extensive system capabilities, and to CRAs, which can provide services beyond the simple connection of the alarm system. These ARC services include comprehensive control of all IoT elements, virtual concierge and employee monitoring, among others. A success story that illustrates these value-added services is our solution implemented in a retail chain: SmartRetailSec.

VESTA has the widest range of radio devices on the market. Among them is the anti-masking PIRCAM with 720p resolution, a unique feature that highlights its innovation. In addition, there is the outdoor PIRCAM OPTEX, fully integrated with the hybrid control panel, and a fall sensor specially designed for spaces where elderly people or people with reduced mobility live. These devices, together with other available devices, offer full bi-directional management, allowing configurations without the need for physical manipulation and generating significant savings in operating costs. Both the application and the backend facilitate this bidirectional management, optimising the efficiency of the system.

Outstanding integrations, unique in the market

VESTA stands out for its video integrations with various manufacturers, with a notable integration with Vaelsys video analysis. The hybrid control panel establishes communication with Vaelsys equipment, sending its status (armed/disarmed) without requiring the installation of additional input and output modules.

In addition, it is worth highlighting the integration with Dahua Technology’s thermal and visible cameras with artificial intelligence. These cameras are incorporated into the system as intrusion elements, capable of sending video alarms when detecting people or vehicles, combining with other perimeter devices to reduce false alarms through its multi-rule system. Real-time visualisation and video recordings in alarm can be accessed from the application, the backend or the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). VESTA achieves full integration with Dahua’s DSS Pro software, enabling real-time reception of panel events, execution of video and intrusion rules, zone status monitoring, device override, PIRCAM image request and scene application.

This approach provides a single management software covering intrusion, video, access control and intercom. The VESTA control panel stands out for its ability to send HTTP commands to other devices, which is evidenced by outstanding integrations with RAYTEC and TOA. These integrations enable the activation of surprise lighting via RAYTEC and customisable audio chimes via TOA. With these features, the V-MAX BUS hybrid control panel from VESTA consolidates its position as the most advanced and flexible hybrid solution on the market.