Are you looking for a reliable safety solution for trucks and their valuable cargo? In the fast-paced world of freight transport, keeping goods safe on the road is more challenging than ever. To this end, we present the VESTA truck alarm system, an innovative solution that guarantees protection for both the transport of goods. From advanced IoT features to a wide range of custom features, VESTA is the answer to your safety concerns on the road.


VESTA Alarm System: the trusted companion for road routes

Below, we’ll present the benefits that make VESTA the ultimate choice for protecting assets on the road:

  • Installation: Set up the system in less than 10 minutes, with no wiring required between the driver’s cab and cargo trailer.
  • Long life: Our devices have batteries of up to 4 years of life, which guarantees continuous protection.
  • Very low consumption: the main panel is battery operated and supports optional external power, ensuring low power consumption.
  • Long range: works in a vehicle without battery charge for 1 year with internal batteries and up to 60 days with vehicle power.
  • Advanced security: VESTA offers an anti-intrusion system with instant notifications in case of alarm, allowing you to take action immediately.
  • Real-time information: receive notifications and view the status instantly for total control, including alarms for motion detection, temperature, smoke, among others.
  • Easy to use: You can arm and disarm the system using a remote control and/or the SmartHomeSec app remotely.

VESTA takes transport vehicle safety to the next level

Thanks to the VESTA Alarm System you have at your disposal a series of advantages that make it the number one choice to protect both the truck and its cargo. VESTA helps you prevent theft by detecting any suspicious movement inside the cargo trailer, providing robust and reliable protection. In addition, it also detects the presence of smoke or excessive heat, allowing a quick response in case of a possible fire.

Installation is simple, as the main panel is powered at 12V and can be powered directly from the 12V output. In addition, it is possible to manage several vehicles with the same application and remote control, which offers complete control, no matter how many trucks exist in the same fleet.

With the SimAlarm “SIM global roaming” card, the exchange stays connected during all trips and in any country, ensuring maximum security no matter where you are.

Success on the road thanks to the VESTA Alarm System

Our VESTA truck alarm system adapts to a variety of situations and needs. If you need to protect the vehicle, its cargo and enable extra functions, VESTA is the Truck Alarm System you were looking for. We offer greater peace of mind on each of the trips. Don’t wait any longer to protect vehicles and goods. Discover the ultimate truck safety solution with VESTA!