Jeedom is a software application that allows home automation to be managed without the need to use an external server, that is, it is done locally, from home, thus guaranteeing maximum confidentiality. It allows you to customize the design, the view or the widgets, in addition, it is compatible with various protocols: ZigBee, Z-Wave, EnOcean, KNX, LoRaWAN, BACnet, Modbus… Now, Jeedom allows the integration of the VESTA Alarm System.

What is Jeedom and what features does it offer?

Developed in 2015, this innovative solution for home automation already has more than 35,000 configured systems and allows improving the automation of end customers and companies in different areas: home, tourism, residences, smart offices…

It is based on four fundamental principles:

  • Open Source
  • Multiprotocol
  • Autonomy
  • Personalization

From two processors, Atlas or Pro, we can access various plugins for automation, use different communication protocols or add the main IoT devices on the market. Also choose where to store the data, receive communications via SMS, e-mail or chat, as well as integrate different interfaces: voice assistant, web and mobile applications and third-party applications.

Next we will review the main plugins:

  • Features: alarm, camera, time, thermostat, geolocation, agenda, accounting and automatic rules.
  • IoT brands: Netatmo, Nuki, Sonos, Mi, 2N, Tesla, freebox…
  • Home automation protocols: Z-Wave, Bluetooth, enocean, ZigBee, LoRaWAN, KNX, Modbus…

And the manufacturers supported by protocol:

  • Z-Wave: Aeotec, Fibaro, Danfoss, Qubino, Sunricher, Everspring…
  • ZigBee: Philips, Nodon, Sunricher, Xiaomi, Legrand, Frient, Schneider…

VESTA Integration in Jeedom

The “VESTA” plugin allows synchronizing the central of the VESTA alarm system and interacting with it through the Jeedom processor. Some of the features that Jeedom allows us to learn about the VESTA system are :

  • Know the status of the central
  • Change mode: full arm, home arm and disarm
  • Review the last 20 events
  • Create customizable scenarios
  • Receive SMS
  • Etc.

Currently the Software is available in Spanish, English, French and German, although we can also use a bot that allows translation into other languages.

Demonstration video