By Demes Group, exclusive distributor of VESTA in Europe, has developed VESTA Integra, the security solution for people with blindness and functional diversity. Designed to bring home security to people who suffer from blindness and functional diversity, VESTA Integra avoids any barrier. A unique solution on the market that guarantees safety and quality of the day-to-day life of people affected by vision loss, also providing autonomy and home comfort.

VESTA Integra Features

VESTA Integra allows solving the following problems:

  • Management and use of the security system, which can be used without physical intervention thanks to voice assistants, which allow all control actions to be managed
  • Hands-free access door unlocking and locking
  • Automations that do not require mechanical actions by the user
  • Notifications through voice messages and sound alerts for flooding, smoke, fire, etc. with possibility of self-control by means of intelligent actuators

Thanks to the previously mentioned functionalities, VESTA Integra offers significant benefits to people with blindness and functional diversity who opt for its implementation at home as a security and control measure.

Next, we will see some actions that the user himself can perform:

Creation of an automatic control routine before the arrival or departure of the home by the user. For example, on a scheduled basis, we can establish that, when leaving the home, the security system is activated, appliances, heating and AC are turned off. All this allows for greater comfort and collaborates with energy savings. Upon arrival, the security system will be deactivated and the access door will be opened without the use of keys, simply by approximation. At the same time, the electrical appliances, the temperature control system, etc. will be activated.

VESTA Integra is a totally adapted solution that allows the generation of audible warnings for any system action, for example, notifying by means of beeps that the system has been effectively disconnected.

The use of the voice assistant is key to carry out voice commands that allow the control of various devices, such as arming and disarming the system, the use of blind motors, turning on and regulating the air conditioning or allowing access for a visit to the home. among others.

VESTA Integra is a unique solution in the Europe market. Thanks to the extreme flexibility offered by VESTA, it is possible to create an intrusion system that also allows the integration of fire and flood alerts, as well as a wide range of IoT functions that guarantee maximum safety and comfort for people with blindness and functional diversity.