V-MAX BUS is VESTA’s new state-of-the-art security technology that is here to revolutionize the intrusion systems industry. The state-of-the-art technology and exceptional functionalities integrated into the Grade 3 hybrid panel, together with the new range of V-MAX BUS devices, will make you experience extremely advanced comprehensive protection even in the most demanding installations. Discover the capabilities only offered by VESTA’s V-MAX BUS system and move towards the safety of the future.

V-MAX BUS technology arrives at VESTA

V-MAX BUS is the innovative super advanced digital BUS capable of integrating the new VESTA BUS devices. This technology supports up to 128 wired devices on BUS or conventional wired devices. Includes PIR in Grade 2 and 3, outdoor and indoor PIRCAMS in Grade 2 and 3. It stands out for being the only technology on the market that offers image quality in HD (720p). También incluye teclado táctil en BUS de 7” con cámara integrada de 2mpx y audio bidireccional, controlador Wiegand 26 que permite integrar cualquier lector de accesos del mercado, fuentes de alimentación supervisadas y aisladores de BUS entre otros. Finally highlight the communication speed of 500 Kb / s for a faster transmission of alarm notification and the AUTO V-MAX function, an automatic calculator that allows to correctly size an installation in its design and guarantee success during commissioning.

Dual use of VESTA V-MAX BUS detectors: intrusion and automation

VESTA’s V-MAX BUS hybrid control panel goes beyond safety. Thanks to the automation functionalities, the intrusion detectors will also serve to launch hybrid actions between intrusion and home automation, such as, for example, the simulation of presence, the automatic lighting of lights, the blocking of air conditioning before open windows, the raising and lowering of blinds at night and the system is partially armed, etc. In this way, in addition to security, we can enable new functionalities in homes and companies, offering unprecedented control and comfort, guaranteeing a personalized and efficient installation, which maximizes protection. For example, in case of external intrusion, we can enable the lowering of blinds to thwart an attempt to access the house. In this way, we not only talk about home automation, but how we can take advantage of device automation to reinforce the security of our system.

Outstanding advantages of VESTA’s hybrid power plant with V-MAX BUS compared to its main competitors

When it comes to choosing a security system, it’s important to consider the features and functionality that make the difference. VESTA excels in several key aspects:

  • Flexibility in wired areas: VESTA allows you to use conventional wired zones, which means that you can use any sensor on the market. In addition, with V-MAX BUS, you have the possibility to connect by BUS any BUS element of the VESTA catalog. On the other hand, the main competitor requires an extra module to enable wired zones by BUS.
  • Extensive communication options: VESTA’s hybrid control panel offers up to 4 communication paths, including LoRaWAN technology, a long-range transmission system and anti-inhibitions. This ensures robust and reliable connectivity even in challenging environments. Other systems limit the 2 conventional communication paths.
  • Safety Grade Certification: VESTA has been Grade 3 certified, making it an ideal choice for installations that require a maximum level of safety. Other similar products on the market are only certified in grade 2, placing them at a lower level of safety.
  • Extensive catalog of BUS devices: VESTA stands out for offering a complete catalog of BUS devices that covers different security needs. From detectors to keyboards and more, you’ll find a wide range of options to customize and strengthen your security system. Its main competitor, on the other hand, focuses mainly on a few devices.
  • Advanced automation functions and home automation: VESTA goes beyond security by offering a central with advanced industrial automation and home automation functions. With a great possibility of integrations with third parties, it is possible to create a connected and personalized environment that suits all needs and preferences. On the contrary, other brands on the market offer only basic scenes with a calendar, limiting the possibilities of automation.

Therefore, the hybrid control panel that incorporates VESTA’s V-MAX BUS technology becomes the definitive choice for homes and businesses. Try it today!