In the search for a reliable and flexible security solution, more and more people are choosing the VESTA Alarm System for home protection. Industry professionals and homeowners find in this residential alarm a wide range of options, thanks to its different control panels and devices, thus achieving unparalleled customization and a universe of automation possibilities.


Different control panels adapted to any need

VESTA is the most flexible system and adapts to all types of homes, making it possible to protect homes that present a challenge, such as houses under construction or under renovation, isolated second homes, mobile homes, etc. All this through its different control panels (or control panels) that adapt to the specific needs of each house:

Guaranteed connectivity, anywhere

The VESTA Alarm stands out for its impressive communication capacity, so by selecting the most appropriate exchange for a given home, we can enjoy different types of connectivity.

We can bet on a radio connection that reaches up to 2 kilometers and uses exclusive F1 and SF1 technology to guarantee stable communication. We also find options including Ethernet, 2G, 4G, and optional Wi-Fi. This makes it possible to select the form of connection that best suits the needs of a home.

In addition, we can configure up to 640 zones of which 120 can be wired within the system and 8 partitions with 2 types of reinforcement (“Total” and “At home”) allowing total control over the security of the home.

Real Automation & IoT Devices

The VESTA Alarm System goes beyond security: it incorporates a Z-wave module, which enables the option to connect IoT elements to improve the quality of life at home with a wide variety of home automation brands. In addition, it is compatible with voice assistants such as Alexa, Google Home and Apple Home Kit, allowing you to control home automation at home with simple voice commands.

With an average schedule time of just 10 minutes, VESTA system installation is quick and easy. Once installed, it is possible to create custom scenarios, such as turning electronics and lights on or off. We can create more than 100 custom rules.

But in addition to devices that enable home automation in a house, it is also possible to integrate IP cameras from well-known brands such as Dahua Technology, Hikvision, HYUNDAI or EZVIZ, being able to monitor the home in real time and capture images effectively in the event of an alarm.

In this way, the VESTA Alarm System guarantees full control 24/7 through the cloud and its SmartHomeSec mobile app. Thus, it is feasible to monitor and control the security of the house at any time and from anywhere.

In addition…

VESTA complies with the most stringent legal requirements and offers a high level of security. The radio alarm and battery-operated alarm panels comply with the Grade 2 certification, suitable for medium-risk installations, while the hybrid alarm control panel is Grade 3 certification for medium-high risk installations.

Ready to protect your home with VESTA?

Don’t wait any longer, guarantee the security of your home with VESTA, the advanced and flexible system on the market. If you’re an e-security professional, start installing VESTA to offer your customers a unique and flexible option. And if you’re wondering where to buy VESTA to install in your home, we offer you a complete directory of authorized companies that distribute our products in Europe. Dare to experience the intrusion of the future with VESTA.