VESTA’s new cold room temperature control solution provides accurate, real-time temperature verification, whether we are talking about cold rooms or freezers. Thanks to its advanced wireless panel, notifications are made in real time before any anomalous change. All this thanks to the most advanced and innovative security system on the market.


What are cold rooms and what are they for?

Cold stores are essential spaces in many sectors, since they favor the conservation or manufacture of products. Products that need an exact temperature are stored in them in order to maintain their properties. It is for this reason that temperature plays a very important role to take into account for proper operation and protection of sensitive products.

That is why VESTA offers an ideal solution designed for the food industry, be it restaurants or supermarkets, as well as the pharmaceutical industry or laboratories, to control the temperature effectively and avoid damage or alterations in the products.

There are several types of cold rooms that we will explain in more detail below along with the uses of each of them.

Cold room temperatures

We can differentiate two main types of cold rooms. First type, the positive temperature refrigeration chambers or cold rooms and, second type, the freezing chambers also known as negative temperature cold rooms. What is the difference between them? In temperature. For this reason, it is important to have a control of the temperature of the cold rooms since an alteration can damage the products that are inside.

The refrigeration chambers usually maintain the temperature between 10ºC and 0ºC while the freezing chambers between 0ºC and -28ºC. The latter are more common for freezing food or for biological material. This shows that the temperature of the cold room is something to take into account depending on the type of product you want to keep.

VESTA Cold Store Temperature Gauge

VESTA launches a solution for the temperature control of small or any size cold rooms. This product is effective for temperatures between + 50ºC and -20ºC, with an accuracy and reliability of ± 1 ° C.

The system works in a very simple way through a panel in the cold room which it is actually controlling. Wireless panel (VESTA-047) can be linked in two different ways. Through a temperature sensor for the cold room (VESTA-157) and through a temperature probe (VESTA-248).


We are facing an intelligent solution that manages to protect the properties of the products, as well as to control the temperature and in turn, receive an alert before an abnormal or undesirable temperature change. Among its many advantages, you will be able to activate devices autonomously, receive an update of temperature of the cold rooms in moments notice, thus creating a real-time history log to be able to maintain a constant surveillance of the cold room.

Controlling the temperature of the cold rooms is now very easy thanks to VESTA, for the convenience it offers through its notices since they can be done through the SmartHomeSec App or through the GSM phone. Most impotantly, it does not require wiring.