The retail sector is one of the important economic engines of the Spanish economy, representing 5.5% of GDP, thanks to its more than 750,000 stores spread throughout the peninsula. That is why, despite the pandemic, the retail sector represents an important source of income, which is nevertheless seriously affected by theft or personnel errors, among others.

To solve these types of problems, By Demes, VESTA’s authorized distributor in Ireland, has developed SmartRetailSec: a retail security system that, globally, allows a high level of control and security in the security and home automation of the establishment, but which also improves daily operations and guarantees the customer’s shopping experience.


Security in the retail sector

There are many security problems that occur in large areas such as shopping centers, stores and even supermarkets. Although most establishments currently have a video surveillance system, they are often not accompanied by an intrusion or access control system. For this reason, it is not always possible to prevent and detect theft, vandalism or personnel errors.

There are various operations that are difficult to centralize and automate, such as personnel access control to warehouses or changing rooms, air quality control, etc. Another key point to consider is the change in habits that the consumer has experienced in recent years, which requires a shopping experience linked to the purchase of the final product, a fact that IoT devices can offer.

SmartRetailSec Global Solution

SmartRetailSec is a global solution specially designed for shopping centers, large supermarkets, restaurants or stores. With it, it is possible to unify security and IoT in the retail sector: CCTV, intrusion, access control and home automation. With SmartRetailSec it is possible to integrate VESTA panels, sensors and devices, but also those external ones that have IoT Z-Wave. As an extra, it is important to note that it is possible to integrate Dahua IP cameras and their analytics in record time, as well as other innovative devices, such as the SALTO Systems smart lock.

SmartRetailSec offers unique functions that will make operation in the trade easier, more comfortable and safer for everyone. We can highlight the access control through a mobile device, the temperature control in the warehouses or the authorization of the personnel for the opening through geolocation, among others.

Devices can be linked to more than one zone. This fact provides greater security for all those who want to use these devices in their shops. Likewise, it offers continuous supervision and in the event of an alarm it can receive photos or videos to the ARC in case of observing an irregularity or intrusion in the monitored area. All this leads to is reduction in costs and gain in competitiveness compared to other businesses.