The VESTA Alarm System panels, apart from having «automatic scenes», have «advanced rules». They allow the creation of any automatic action, in an easy and intuitive way, thanks to the predefined sections. For example, rule triggers by: calendar (daily, weekly and yearly), temperature level, lux meter, mode changes (when arming/disarming), motion detection… More than 3000 predefined and ready-to-use combinations. Discover all the details of the scenes and automatic rules of the VESTA Alarm System below.



New functions:

Scenes allow you to set a group of actions that the Control Panel can trigger. The user can program the scene to activate a set of devices and/or actions to facilitate routines or for an older person to simplify day-to-day actions.


Scene: Night mode (this scene consists of performing a series of actions to simplify the routine of each night)

  • Turn off plugs
  • Turn off lights, except bedroom lights.
  • Adjust temperature to 22ºC
  • Turn off TV by IR
  • Change security mode to Home Arm

How do you trigger a scene?

The scene can be triggered from:

📱 The user APP
🔲 Z-WAVE scene selector
📍 Geolocation
📅 Calendars
⚙️ Automatically by Rules

Automatic rules


The rules allow you to establish a list of automations that will allow the connection between security devices, automation, IP cameras and access controls assigned to a control panel. They allow a total automated control, with the possibility of activating the rules for more than 3000 combinations of actions. The rules are divided into three easy-to-program blocks:

  1. Trigger: Here we set how the rule will be triggered. For example: calendars, motion detection, open/close door contact, temperature, humidity, power, arm/disarm mode change…
  2. Conditions: Conditions are optional. They allow us to add more conditions that must be met before performing the actions.
  3. Actions: in this section we assign the actions to activate if the trigger and the conditions are met. For example: turn on a relay, request a photo from an Ip/PIRCAM camera, change mode, regulate temperature…


🔒 Auto Arm : This rule consists of auto arming the system from Monday to Friday at 6:30 p.m.


💡 Automatic lighting of lights: this rule consists of automatic lighting of lights by movement of a sensor with the condition of the disarmed system. This light automatically turns off after 60 seconds if there is no movement.


🚪 Auto lock: This rule consists of auto door lock when arming the system.


🌡️ High temperature alarm: this rule consists of activating an alarm in case of exceeding the selected temperature, in this example -5ºC.