The rental of storage rooms in Europe is an increasingly profitable business, with exponential growth, which has reached 70% in the last five years according to the Federation of European Self Storage Associations (FEDESSA). However, this type of space is susceptible to theft, which is why customers consider it essential to have a security system and fast customer service.

In the following, we will review the most important features of the protection of rented storage rooms with the VESTA Alarm System, a particularly versatile and complete solution, which adapts to different problems presented by storage rooms.


Maximum security with the VESTA alarm and video verification system

VESTA, with a single alarm panel and the possibility of adding up to 320 F1 devices from its catalogue, is able to effectively protect different areas of the storage room.

To begin with, we can place surveillance cameras in common areas, such as entrances and corridors, to capture images and videos in the event of an alarm. For the protection of the storage rooms themselves, we can use door contacts, PIR, PIR CAMs or vibration sensors, which will detect any unwanted access, while protecting the privacy of customers in their private areas.

A single panel is capable of managing up to 50 storage rooms and all connected devices. The user can arm and disarm the storage room manually using a keypad or reader, controlling the system using an individual code or card.

In addition, all devices can be managed automatically, e.g. by ensuring daily arming at night or by programming an intelligent auto-arming when a certain number of minutes have passed without any detected movement.

Smart locks for access control

A key aspect for the management of these businesses is to guarantee permissions in real time. To this end, VESTA integrates DANALOCK locks into its system, which allow access only to authorised users by means of a code or tag.

Efficiency and energy savings through automation

In order to reduce costs as much as possible, it is also very interesting to be able to know and control the electricity consumption of each of the storage rooms. Using Z-Wave and Zigbee relays that can be integrated into the VESTA ecosystem, we can receive alerts in the event of excess consumption, program an automatic shutdown after arming or use the movement sensors in common areas to turn lights on and off, saving energy consumption to the maximum.

Real-time remote control and management

The VESTA Alarm System allows a wide variety of functions to be carried out remotely, such as registering or blocking users, creating a time restriction, controlling the lights, verifying any incident in real time using security cameras or knowing the status of the storeroom doors.

Finally, it should be noted that VESTA can be integrated with the ARC (Alarm Reception Centre) and allows two-way control. In this way, the spaces are monitored and protected 24 hours a day, with immediate notification to the police if necessary.