PIRCAM V-MAX BUS detector for outdoor use




  • Advanced dynamic speed adjustment algorithms to maintain a fast and stable image transfer rate depending on the BUS signal quality
  • Installation height: 2.3-2.5 m (8-2.5 ft)
  • Pet immunity enabled/disabled via remote control settings
  • Blind spot eliminated
  • Pet weight/height: up to 25 kilograms
  • V-MAX BUS communication
  • Wide camera field of view leaves no blind spots
  • Two adjustable sensitivity levels: High / Normal
  • Captures one, three or six images when irregular motion is detected
  • Three alarm image processing options:
    • 1 VGA alarm image (640×480 pixels)
    • 3 QVGA alarm images (320×240 pixels)
    • 6 QVGA alarm images (320×240 pixels)
    • Warm white fill light covering up to 5 metres
    • Infrared (IR) fill light covering up to 7 metres outdoors, 10 metres indoors (room size limited to 10m x 6m)