Dual technology wireless curtain effect blind detector, with anti-masking


HE-131M + VESTA-148 (BROWN)


  • Ideal for the protection of doors, windows and showcases.
    Range 9 meters, angle 7.5°.
    Anti-masking function with active IR
    Anti-masking sensitivity adjustment
    Adjustable microwave range and PIR sensitivity
    Supplied with right/left mounting bracket and cover
    Compatible with all transmitters
  • Power supply: 3V
    Mounting height: 2.5 m
    Angle: 7.5°.
    Tampering: N.C.: open when cover removed
    Anti-masking: Yes, active infrared beam
    Absorption: 25mA
    Color: brown
    Detection range: 9 m
    Frequency: 24.125 GHz
    IP rating: IP54
    Incorporates VESTA F1 radio transmitter
    Detection technology: dual PIR and MW technology
    Temperature range: -20°C ~ +70°C