VESTA multifunctional smoke and heat detector






Incorporates PIR sensor, temperature sensor and emergency light
Reflective photoelectric sensor to detect smoke from any source, especially smoldering fires
Heat rise detection when temperature exceeds 57.25°C or rises 8.25°C per minute
Self-calibration every month to readjust the detection threshold value
Self-diagnostic function to ensure optimum performance
85dB siren for sound alert
Random supervision signals to verify system integrity
Built-in PIR sensor detects movements and supports scene creation
Built-in temperature sensor measures ambient temperature
Built-in emergency light to provide visual alerts
Alarm silence button
LED status indicators for visual notification
Low battery detection
RF frequency: 868MHz
It is powered by 3 CR123 lithium batteries
Sound power: 85dB at 3 meters
Temperature detection range: -10°C ~ +50°C
Temperature sensitivity: ±1°C
PIR detection range: 8 meters radius installed at 3 meters height
Operating temperature: -10°C ~ +45°C
Humidity up to 85% (non-condensing)
Dimensions: 105 (W) x 105 (H) x 41 mm