Remote keypad with siren and proximity reader VESTA





Smart radio remote keypad that offers users an easy-to-program solution to easily arm, disarm, and arm their security system at home. For added flexibility, the keypad can be integrated with an RFID key fob for quick and secure access without the need to manually enter PIN codes. It is equipped with a built-in siren for immediate audio notification.

For added peace of mind and security, the keypad features a dual-key function that can activate a panic, fire, or medical emergency alarm at the touch of a button. The wireless keypad is wall-mountable and protected by tampering.

It takes advantage of Climax’s industry-leading RF technology to accelerate the transmission rate of the signal and offer a wide and reliable communication range. It also has a power conservation feature that consumes power only when in operation.


    RF frequency: F1 868MHz
    Includes 2 chiclet proximity tags
    Power: 3 CR123 batteries

    Battery life of hasya 9 years
    Proximity reader protocol: ISO 15963
    97dB siren power at 1 meter
    -10 ° C ~ + 45 ° C operating temperature
    Operating humidity up to 85% (non-condensing)
    Built-in key fob dimensions: 29 (W) x 36 (H) x 4mm
    Keyboard dimensions: 103 (W) x 138 (H) x 29mm
    Certified according to EN 50131 Grade 2, Environmental Class ?
    Siren included certified according to standard EN 50131 Grade 2, in acoustic element