VESTA outdoor siren via radio






    107dB output power at 1 meter
    F1 RF technology accelerates the signal transmission speed and increases the communication range
    Four programmable siren duration options
    Four selectable siren volume levels
    Orange pilot
    Programmable strobe activation
    Differentiated alarm sounds for fire and burglary
    It works with batteries
    Meets CE requirement
    IP56 waterproof and dustproof housing
    Audible arming / disarming, door chime and low battery status notification
    Periodic monitoring signals to verify system integrity and troubleshoot
    Tamper protection prevents unauthorized removal or tampering
    Low battery detection
    Complies with EN50131-4 / EN50131-5-3 Grade II, Environmental Class IV


    RF frequency. 868MHz
    Power supply: 4 alkaline 1.5V batteries
    Battery life of up to 4 years
    -25 ° C ~ + 60 ° C operating temperature
    Relative humidity up to 85% (non-condensing)
    Dimensions: 205 (W) x 317 (H) x 83 mm