VESTA emergency cord





The PCU-3 Emergency Cable Unit can be quickly installed in any accessible indoor location so that the user can summon emergency help. By pulling the cable of this device via radio, it will activate an alarm that will be sent to your medical alarm connected to the alarm reception center or to the attention personnel

Mounts to wall or ceiling. It provides the user with an additional means of triggering an alarm and thus increases the chances of rescue. It requires very little maintenance and has low battery consumption, its automatic low battery reporting and 24-hour monitoring functions prevent operational irregularities and strengthen protection for the user.


868MHz frequency
APowered by 1 CR2 3V lithium battery
Battery life up to 5 years (Actual battery life may vary depending on product configuration and usage environment)
175mm cord length
Operating temperature -10°C ~ +45°C
Operating humidity up to 85% (non-condensing)
Dimensions: 81.2 x 81.5 x 39.1mm