VESTA kit consisting of: 1x VESTA-046 Security Central (HSGW-G8-2G-F1-ZW) of 160 radio areas with IP + 2G and






VESTA 2G kit including:

     1x VESTA-046 (HSGW-G8-2G-F1-ZW): Home security central of 160 zones via radio with IP + 2G connectivity. Grade 2.
     1x VESTA-009 (IR-29SL-F1): PIR detector via radio. Grade 2.
     1x VESTA-013 (MDC-3-F1): Magnetic contact via radio. Grade 2.
     1x VESTA-014 (RC-16-F1): 4-button radio button. Grade 2.
     1x DAHUA-2617-FO (IPC-HFW1235S-W-S2): PRO series IP bullet camera with WIFI and IR lighting of 30 m for outdoor.
     Compatible with Google Home and Alexa.