The most advanced security system on the market, VESTA’s grade 3 hybrid control panel unifies 3 communication technologies with the devices, allowing elements to be added via radio, conventional wired zones with 2EOL/3EOL or BUS elements using V-MAX BUS technology to simplify wiring and maximise security and installation versatility.

The removable terminal makes it easier for the installer to wire a new system as well as to replace equipment without having to remove the wiring from the BUS.

Allows conventional wired zones to use any sensor on the market + V-MAX BUS to connect by BUS any VESTA element.

Up to 4 communication paths including LoRaWAN technology for long-range transmissions and anti-inhibition system.

Grade 3 certified for maximum security installation.

Complete catalogue of BUS devices.

Control panel with advanced industrial automation and home automation functions, more than 50 integrations with third parties.