The following are the latest updates and significant improvements for the VESTA touch keyboard, available from firmware version 2.5.0 and higher. These enhancements are designed to optimise the user experience, making it more intuitive and visually appealing.

Real-time signal icon: more visible and accurate

A signal level icon has been added to allow users to check the strength of the connection directly and visually.

    • Constant display of signal quality
    • Real-time information for a better user experience

Wired sensor status: clear and straightforward

It is now easier to identify whether wired sensors are “Connected” or “Disconnected” with new clear and understandable icons.

Device faults: intuitive and accessible alerts

Alerts have been improved to indicate problems such as “Battery Missing/Dead” and “Anti-Masking”, with easy-to-understand indicators.

  • Early fault detection for quick corrective action.
  • Indicators designed for easy interpretation.

Automation rules: more control

The ability to trigger automations based on the status of door contacts has been added, offering more options to customise security.

More scenes: maximum customisation

The number of scenes has been increased from 10 to 50, providing a wider range for configuring quick and customised actions.

Wired IR sensors: simplified and streamlined

IR status has been removed from wired sensors to simplify operation and add more fluidity to the system.

New devices and events: expanding integrations

DCSV and the new PIRCAMS HD, along with new events have been integrated into the system to keep the user always up to date.

  • Advanced devices for superior security.
  • Updated events for complete and timely information.

Improved thermostat management: intuitive and efficient

The user interface has been optimised for more intuitive control of thermostats, significantly improving interaction with the system.

  • Revamped interface for easier management.
  • Continuous improvement for an exceptional user experience.

Zone and area editing: enhanced security

For security reasons, editing the zone and area of devices is now restricted, ensuring a secure and reliable configuration.

New user interface

The touch keypad interface has been revamped to make it easier to use, allowing all important functions to be accessed intuitively.

  • Easier, more intuitive and powerful interface.
  • Improved user and installer experience.
  • Reduced learning time and increased customer satisfaction.

Screen timeout: customised configuration

Screen timeout and sleep mode can now be customised to suit the user’s needs and preferences.

Double check before reset

A double check has been introduced to prevent accidental resets, especially useful when the WIFI connection is lost.

  • Protection against unwanted touchpad resets.
  • Automatic connection, even when the WIFI network is lost.
  • Double check to confirm reset.

Logo Synchronisation (coming soon)

Soon (in 1-2 weeks) it will be possible to synchronise the installer’s logo on the touch keypad automatically, allowing a layer of personalisation similar to the SHS APP.

Which version should I upgrade in order to have all the functions?

From version 2.5.0 onwards.

How to update?

All updates are published and available for touch keyboards automatically in the update section.