The following are the new features and improvements of the VESTA Alarm System, starting with Firmware 31J and higher:


New user interface and installer: simpler and more powerful

The SmartHomeSec interface has been revamped to make it more user-friendly and allow access to all important functions in an intuitive way.


    • Easier, more intuitive and powerful interface.
    • Improved user and installer experience
    • Reduced learning time and increased customer satisfaction

    Simplified installation with augmented reality in SmartHomeSec

    New tool within SmartHomeSec: augmented reality for sensor installation in the VESTA system.


    • Easy installation: augmented reality provides a step-by-step guide through the entire installation process of the detectors
    • Real-time visualisation: sensors’ detection angles can be viewed in real time, allowing sensors to be adjusted and positioned optimally for maximum security
    • Share with the user: prior to installation, there is the ability to show the user the exact position of the sensor and its detection field, ensuring full understanding and a satisfactory experience

    Cudy Router integration

    It is now possible to connect the Cudy Router to the VESTA Alarm System for greater network flexibility.


      Why do we recommend the use of the Cudy Router? When to use it?

      • Centralised management from the VESTA System through which it is possible to create Wifi networks, reboot and configure basic parameters.
      • Separation of client and security networks.
      • LTE backup in case of WAN downtime and status notifications to SmartHomeSec app and ARC.
      • Reduced impact on customer network changes (e.g. operational costs associated with travelling to the site).
      • Continuity of service.


      Dahua Technology camera control

      It is now possible to activate and deactivate Dahua Technology cameras directly from the VESTA control panel. This will not only activate or deactivate the analytics functions on the cameras, but also control advanced TiOC functions such as sound and lights according to the security mode activated on the panel. In this way, the cameras will be perfectly synchronised with the security status of the home or business.


      Arming the VESTA Alarm System:


      Disarming the VESTA Alarm System:


      Advanced automation for large-scale projects

      It is now possible to configure rules for the system to perform specific security actions, based on who performs the action (user) and where it is performed (keypad or tag reader). For example, certain sections or zones can be programmed to arm or disarm based on who is using the system and from which device.


      Activity notifications even when the system is disarmed

      The VESTA System can now send instant notifications if a device detects activity, even if the system is disarmed. In this way, it is possible to receive information of any relevant event at all times, regardless of the security status of the system. It is configurable per zone.


      Automatic updates for TSP-BUS touch keypads (VESTA-354)

      This feature allows TSP-BUS touch keypads to always be kept up to date with the latest features and enhancements.


      Support for the new battery-operated video doorbell VDP-5

      It is now possible to easily integrate the VDP-5 video doorbell and adjust its basic settings from the SmartHomeSec app.


      Quick device search

      Find panels easily with the search function implemented in the user account.


      Event optimisation

      Event handling has been improved for a faster and smoother experience at user and installer level.


      Multilingual support

      Now available in Swedish for better accessibility and reach.


      Questions & Answers

      Which version do I need to upgrade to in order to get all the features of the new control panel firmware update: ?

      • For VESTA-046 and VESTA-047 control panels: HPGW_G_G_demes- or higher
      • For VESTA-046N, -047N, -111N, -112N and -113N & SF1 control units: GL_demes- or higher
      • For VESTA-243 control panels: ESGW_demes- or higher

      How to update?

      All updates are published and available for the control panels in the “update” section.