The following are the new features and improvements of the VESTA system, from firmware 31E and above:


User experience and installer improvements

New in Combined Detection (Integration of PIR and Glass Break Detector VESTA-382)

Multifunction Detector: IR + Glass Sensor: A new sensor that combines the best of infrared with microphonic glass detection for advanced protection!


⬆️ Flexible installation height of 2.3 to 2.5 metres

⚙️ Remote monitoring of pet sensitivity and immunity

🐕 Pet immunity up to 25 kg

🪟 Alerts when glass breakage is detected

Remote Configuration [IR-35-BUS]: Now you can adjust 5 remote settings for the IR sensor: Pet Immunity, Sensitivity, Optimised Sleep Mode, Double Detection Time and Sleep Time.

More control with the new CID events!

New CIDs: E312 and R312: Now, you will receive alerts for overcurrents or short circuits in the power supply of your hybrid panel, as well as restoration.

Automation on another level with [RULES] [REGLAS]

Event” option has been added as a trigger: Creates rules based on specific events. Make your system respond exactly as you want it to! It is allowed to create any type of event-driven rule as a trigger, for example:

  1. Power Failure Outside Working Hours:Triggering Event: Power Failure. Actions: Report an alert and activate a relay or contactor.
  2. Garden Intruder Detection: Trigger Event: Detection of movement in the garden area. Actions: Activate outdoor sirens, turn on zone lights and notify SmartHomeSec and receiving APP.
  3. Fire Detected in Kitchen: Triggering Event: Activation of smoke sensor in kitchen. Actions: Shut off gas supply, activate fire alarms and notify SmartHomeSec and receiving APP.

Total Control with One-time Bypass

Bypass faulty devices more easily: Now the user can temporarily ignore faulty devices from the SHS APP! Quickly and easily

Panel configurations with More Power!

New configuration options: Adjusts the power restart time after a persistent overcurrent or short-circuit in the power supply. More remote control without the need to travel to the site!

Reporting filters: Filter specific event CIDs to report only what your installation requires. Customised report.

Indicator for the AREA installer, you can see if a device is correctly added to a partition or not: Easily check if the area configuration matches the reality.

More filters on the devices page: Explore and find more easily with the new drop-down filters.

New integration with thermal cameras from Dahua Technology

Integration of DAHUA thermal cameras: We have now integrated DAHUA’s advanced thermal cameras to take your security to the next level. Here are the exciting features.

Familiar Features, Enhanced Experience

All the features you already know from the DAHUA integration in VESTA, now with an additional button to easily switch between visible and thermal camera views!

Outstanding Features

  • Real-time display of the stream (thermal channel and visible channel).
  • Instant photo capture for quick documentation.
  • Linking to conventional areas of the system, such as infrared detectors.
  • Integration of advanced thermal camera analytics: IVS (Line Crossing, Region and Human Motion Detection).
  • Automated monitoring every 5 minutes to ensure optimal system performance.

Advantages of Integrating Thermal Chambers into the VESTA system

Longer detection range in analytics compared to visible cameras.

For backend managers:

Full control over your company’s firmware versions: When a new system update with new firmware is enabled, it will now be invisible to your technicians by default. Only the BACKEND Manager decides when his technicians can see the new version.

Questions & Answers

¿A qué versión debo actualizarme para disponer de todas las funciones?

  • For control panels VESTA-046 and VESTA-047: HPGW_G_G_demes- or higher
  • For control panels VESTA-046N, -047N, -111N, -112N and -113N: GL_demes- or higher
  • For VESTA-243 control panels: ESGW_demes- or higher

How to upgrade?

All updates are published and available for the control panels in the update section.