The following are the new features and improvements of the VESTA Alarm System, starting with firmware 28G and higher:

User experience:

All system users have the possibility to temporarily bypass the devices, always under the user code:

The Bypass of the devices, is automatically restored after disarming the system.

New languages added to the system:

Catalan and Greek language has been added to all platforms and APPs, both user and installer:


New functionalities

LoRa coverage display: 

To facilitate the installer the installation location of the LoRa antenna, when the LoRa doongle is inserted in the panel, the installer will be shown the signal coverage in real time.

Possibility to prioritise the reporting of alarm photos to the ARC and secondly to the user APP: 

In the installer APP/WEB installers can visualise the arming/disarming status of the panels in a simple way: 

Which version should I upgrade to in order to have all the functions?

  • VESTA-046 and VESTA-047 control panels: HPGW_G_G_demes- or higher
  • Control panels VESTA-046N, -047N, -111, -112 and -113: GL_demes- or higher
  • VESTA-243 exchanges: ESGW_demes- or higher
  • BOGP control panels: BOGP_demes_2.0.3.6C

How to update? 

All updates are published and available for the control panels in the update section.