Description of implemented improvements:

New functions:

Possibility of name change to the AREAS
With this implementation, customers will be able to rename any area of the system as needed:

WIFI configuration from the WEB and APP remotely:

With this update it is no longer necessary to access the local interface to configure the WIFI in the VESTA panels, it has been optimized and ensured that the information of the WIFI configuration is applied correctly both from the APP and from the WEB remotely.

How is it configured?

Signal level icons for all radio devices :

From the user / installer APP / WEB, the signal level of each of the system’s radio devices is shown on a scale from 1 to 4:

Viewing from the APP:

Loop number 10 has been added in all hybrid control panels to be able to wire sensors with Antimasking in Normally Closed:

Loop 10 is able to recognize in the same area:

  • Alarm
  • Tamper
  • Antimasking

Integration of a third communication channel in VESTA control panels: LoRaWAN [BETA 1.0]

A third communication channel has been integrated for the VESTA panels, which allows us to report system events in case of total loss of conventional communication channels (Ethernet / GPRS) through the LoRaWan dongle:

How does it work?

Simply enter LoRaWAN in the VESTA panel and enable the option from configuration:

The VESTA panel will be in charge of connecting to the closest LORAWAN router, worldwide there are more than 21,000 repeaters to which VESTA panels can be connected.

What is its scope?

It can reach distances of up to 20Km between central and panel (Optimal conditions, without obstacles) Where do I check if I have a router nearby?


  • High tolerance to interference (ideal in industrial environments)
  • High sensitivity to receive data (For places with poor connection with conventional GPRS / LTE routes)
  • Very low consumption
  • Long range 10 to 20km.
  • Ecosystem with more than 21,000 LoRaWAN transceivers worldwide Free connection

Official APPLE WATCH and WEAR OS (Android Smart Watch) integration:

From the smart watch, you can:

  • Mode change control of all areas
  • View status of the entire security system
  • Receive notifications and alarm events
  • Apply automatic scenes with one click


  • Optimization of the transmission speed of the control commands of the Z-WAVE devices
  • Silent alarm option has been added as a security attribute for any device
  • The configuration of the integrated OPTEX detectors is stored in the panel, the installer can consult the applied configuration at any time: 
  • The 3-in-1 VESTA-223 sensors now allow the use of all temperature, humidity and lux meter values to trigger automatic rules, giving more flexibility and intelligence to the system, they even store a history of each value for 30 days.

How to update my panel to firmware 27C?