1. Integration features:

Plug & Play: automatic IP search system for all HIKVISION cameras available on the network.

Display the video Stream from the SmartHomeSec APP.

Capture photos from the SmartHomeSec APP.

Link IP cameras to Security zones with automatic photo sequence capture in case of alarm.

Photo sequence report to APP and Alarm Receiving Center (ARC) in case of alarm

2. What is needed?

Any Hybrid panel or via radio panel and Hikvision IP camera WITH SUPPORT FOR (ONVIF/CGI protocols)

[Panel and camera must be on the same network]

3. How do I update my existing panel?

Updates are automatic for all VESTA panels, go to section:

SETTINGS –> PANEL –> UPDATES –> (Apply the latest update.)

4. How to add the camera?

In less than 1 minute the camera is added from the SmartHomeSec or SHS app, simply: we connect the HIKVISION camera in the same network as the VESTA PANEL, the IP is automatically scanned, we enter our username / password and DONE!


Video below:

5. What functionality does the user have in the APP?

6. What does the ARC receive?

Integrations in the process:

  • HYUNDAI IP cameras
    • Development status: in progress
  •  IP EZVIZ cameras
    • Development startus: in implementation, estimated release date: end of September.