NebulaVESTA is the smoke generator of the VESTA Alarm that allows the environment to be effectively saturated in a matter of seconds, being able to avoid and prevent a theft, an intrusion and even an occupation. We are faced with an innovative, reliable and easy-to-install device, compatible with all the panels of the VESTA Alarm system.


VESTA Anti-Theft Fog Generator

VESTA includes the NebulaVESTA smoke generator in the alarm systems product catalog, an effective and highly safe protection measure that integrates with other devices in a simple and innovative way. Its main function is to prevent any intrusion attempt, emitting a smoke screen that completely prevents vision. What especially stands out is its small size, low installation costs and ease of use by the installer or user.

Alarm panel equipped with the smoke generator can saturate 150 m3 in just 25 seconds. Another feature of this fog emission device for alarms is the possibility of activation, manual or automatic, but also with pre-established rules. Likewise, the cartridges (smoke cans for alarms) are composed of non-toxic smoke, which strictly complies with all the UNE certifications required in this type of device. Low battery signals are produced for greater effectiveness and the smoke bomb is tamper-proof.

Uses and Advantages of VESTA Alarm Anti-Theft Gas

We can install NebulaVESTA in shops, restaurants or homes that require the protection of their own space or vulnerable elements. It can be a very interesting option to consider together with the installation of the Hybrid Alarm in high-risk businesses, such as jewelry stores, gas stations, tobacco shops or lotteries, among others.

Other interesting advantages and features are:

  • 4 year shelf life
  • Adjustable smoke outlet nozzle
  • Full smoke cartridge and batteries included
  • Remote activation from the SmartHomeSec App or the ARC
  • Dimensions: 185 x 100 x 105 mm

If you want to buy the new VESTA alarm anti-theft smoke system, contact By Demes, the only authorized distributor in Ireland.