Integration of a third communication channel in VESTA control panels: LoRaWAN [BETA 1.0]

A third communication channel has been integrated for VESTA panels, which allows us to report system events in case of total loss of conventional communication channels (Ethernet/GPRS) through the LoRaWan doongle:


How does LoRaWAN work?

LoRaWAN is simply entered in the VESTA panel and the option is enabled from configuration:


The VESTA panel takes care of connecting to the nearest LORAWAN router, worldwide there are more than 21,000 repeaters to which the VESTA panels can connect.

What range does LoRaWAN have?

It can reach distances of up to 20Km between panel and router (Optimal conditions, without obstacles).

Where to check if I have a router nearby?


LoRaWAN Features:

  • High tolerance to interference (ideal in industrial environments)
  • High sensitivity to receive data (For places with poor connection with conventional GPRS/LTE routes)
  • Very low consumption
  • Long range 10 to 20 km.
  • Ecosystem with more than 21,000 LoRaWAN transceivers around the world
  • Free connection