The VESTA Alarm Systems (Radio Alarm and Hybrid Alarm) already allow the integration of OPTEX wireless outdoor sensors, thus adding another leading brand in the sector with the intrusion panels of the innovative VESTA brand. Now it is possible to fully protect outdoor areas thanks to the most advanced and reliable devices.


VESTA’s innovative radio transmitter

The launch of VESTA’s F1 868MHz radio transmitter (TX-OPT-BXS-F1-868) available from By Demes (VESTA-271), an authorized distributor in Ireland, has allowed integration with OPTEX devices.

The transmitter has a BUS connection to the detector and radio transmission to the panel. It is easily installed in less than 5 minutes inside the detector and allows transmission of RF signals via radio to the control panel. Sends alarm, sabotage, and low battery signals, as well as periodic supervision signals. Remote configuration is also possible.

OPTEX devices compatible with the VESTA Alarm System

Now it is possible to effectively integrate VESTA’s TX interface with OPTEX wireless outdoor sensors of the BXS, VXS, WXI, WXS and QXI series, which allows remote and complete management from any VESTA Alarm control panel.

Some of the advantages of this solution are:

A reliable and accurate intrusion detection system with all the benefits of OPTEX and VESTA technologies

Total configuration of the OPTEX sensor remotely from App / Web SmartHomeSec

Configurable parameters: sensor sensitivity, sleep time, anti-masking, independent alarm detection (L / R) and LED on / off

Notifications of alarm signals, sabotage, low battery and supervision

Automatic recognition of the Optex detector

Very simple installation without the need for wiring