VESTA continues to add integrations to its alarm systems! On this occasion, we are pleased to announce the integration of VESTA with DESICO Software. Next we will see what new functionalities it brings:


Development of Integrated Control Systems S.A. (DESICO ©), is an Engineering Services Company specialized in carrying out automation and control projects for the security market. Its activity is focused on the development, implementation and start-up of Integration systems. The main characteristic of DESICO is its high degree of commitment to solidity, reliability and innovation in the manufacture of Computer Control Systems, which makes it a one of the most outstanding companies in the sector, with more than 6,000 licenses supplied.

Integration with VESTA

Integration with VESTA allows full control and management of the system with DESICO alarm modules:

Alarms Module

EThis application is responsible for identifying, relating and managing the physical inputs and outputs from the field sensors, within the centralized control and supervision system.

  • Management and processing of alarms (intrusion, fire, cctv and others).
  • Full integration with VESTA panels
  • Virtual matrix with intelligent viewers for video wall management.
  • Monitoring and control of technical signals reported by VESTA panels.
  • Remote controls for the remote control of VESTA control panels and their devices.

VESTA is integrated with DESICO’s alarm modules, so the integration is complete and allows:

  • Mode control of any AREA
    • Arm
    • Disarm
    • Arm home
  • Automation scene control
  • Status of all system devices
  • Bypass zones
  • Photo requests
  • Device action (Relays, plugs…)
  • Code management
  • Immediate reception of events and photos/videos