The VESTA Alarm Systems (Wireless Alarm and Hybrid Alarm) allow the integration of Hikvision IP Cameras, therefore adding another of the leading CCTV brands on the market to the possible third-party integrations with VESTA’s innovative intrusion panels. In this way, it is possible to combine advanced functions with the alarm panel and its linked devices.


Advanced IP Camera Integration

Hikvision IP Cameras offer new possibilities when combined with the VESTA alarm intrusion panel: live image display, photo capture and photo sequence request in case of alarm event. All this through the SmartHomeSec App. In addition, they have the automatic Plug & Play system, which allows the IP search of all the Hikvision cameras available on the network. Likewise, it is possible to link the IP cameras with the security zones with automatic capture of sequence of photos in the event of an alarm.

For this we only need a panel via radio or hybrid panel of the VESTA Alarm and an IP Camera (ONVIF / CGI) from Hikvision. It is important to note that we must update our panel previously, which will be done automatically if we follow the following route: Settings> Panel> Updates> Apply the latest update.

How to add a Hikvision IP Camera to VESTA Alarm Panels?

Now it is possible to integrate in less than 1 minute an operational Hikvision camera with the mentioned panels of the VESTA Alarm, to do this, we must follow the following steps from the “Installer” section:

  1. Enter SmartHomeSec
  2. Select “Cameras”
  3. Add in “+”
  4. Select the brand “Hikvision”
  5. The system will automatically search for available IP cameras
  6. Select Hikvision camera
  7. Enter username and password
  8. Scan the camera’s QR code
  9. Assign a name to the camera
  10. Registration is now complete!