The VESTA Alarm Systems (Wireless Alarm and Hybrid Alarm) already allow the integration of all the devices of Dahua Technology, a leading manufacturer of CCTV in the market, with a launch date of year 2019 or higher, for a much more complete and professional performance of the alarm system. In this way, it is now possible to live view using Dahua video surveillance cameras in SmartHomeSec, the VESTA APP, as well as to make requests for photographs and video at any time, the creation of automatic rules for video capture or, in the event of an alarm, receive a 15-second photo sequence or video recording.


Advanced IP Camera Integration

Dahua IP cameras of Series 3 and higher that have AI (Artificial Intelligence) functions present superior performance, offering us the possibility of advanced integration, including Dahua Technology’s own analytics. Therefore, we can configure the detection of line crossing, the detection of movement of people or vehicles and the perimeter detection.

With all that in mind, we can carry out constant supervision of the camera, link it to one or more security zones and even the possibility of configuring the zone attribute (instantaneous, delayed, follow-up…) by activation through analytics. In the event of an alarm, photos or videos will be sent to the ARC (Alarm Receiving Center).

An interesting aspect is being able to add Dahua cameras to the VESTA Alarm system in less than 1 minute, thanks to the IP’s metasearch engine implemented in the panel itself. For analytical functionality with the VESTA panel, the use of extra relays or elements is not necessary.