Concern among homeowners about illegal occupation is growing. The media warns about the increasing ease with which some criminals can occupy properties and the legal difficulties in evicting them. This problem affects many people and puts at risk the safety of homes and their owners. For this we present EXPEL-SQUATTER the innovative solution of VESTA that helps to evict squatters from homes.


Why are some homes more susceptible to being squatted?

According to data from national media, the first and second empty or disused residences that are in cities with high demand and surroundings are the most vulnerable to illegal occupation, as well as homes for holiday rental. Criminals take advantage of the absence or weakness of security systems to install themselves for a long time. . In addition to the act of vandalism itself, sometimes this causes the illicit sale of the property to third parties, the reduction of the value of the property and can affect the security of an entire community.

Something that these homes have in common, in addition to their location, is that they can meet the basic needs of the occupant. . Mainly, the supply of water and electricity stands out. Without access to these services, squatters cannot stay in the dwelling for a long period of time.

VESTA’s EXPEL-SQUATTER solution can prevent and facilitate the eviction of squatters

To address this problem effectively and always complying with the legal frameworkVESTA’s EXPEL-SQUATTER solution is presented, which offers a set of innovative functionalities that hinder illegal squatting and allow a quick and efficient response to this situation thanks to the random blocking of electricity and water services..

The VESTA alarm panel communicates with a second panel and in case of detecting suspicious activity or sabotage of the alarm panel, the secondary panel activates sabotage routines that randomly interrupt electricity and water services. These interruptions are carried out in strict compliance with legal regulations, thus hindering the illegal squatting of the property. These routines can also be activated manually using the SmartHomeSec user app.

  1. Plug & Play electro-valve for water supply: VESTA has an additional device, an easy-to-install electro-valve, which controls the opening and closing of the water supply in case of illegal occupation. The communication between the solenoid valve and the VESTA panel is completely wireless, through ZigBee or ZWAVE, which ensures effective and fast control over the water supply.
  2. High power contactor for electrical interruption: In addition to the solenoid valve, VESTA has a high power meter and easy installation, designed to interrupt the overall power supply in case of illegal occupation. This device effectively and safely cuts electricity, preventing unauthorized use of electrical energy in the home.
  3. Detection of squatter activity by electricity consumption: VESTA meter is able to detect unusual electricity consumption quickly and efficiently. If suspicious activity is detected, the sabotage routine is activated by illegal squatting and alarm signals can be reported to the Alarm Receiving Center (CRA) or to the user through the application.

EXPEL-SQUATTER, the most advanced solution on the market against squatting

Thanks to the advanced functionalities and extreme flexibility offered by the VESTA Alarm System, it is now possible to offer an innovative solution to prevent and avoid occupations, always with maximum security and legal compliance.