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Do you have any doubts? These are frequently asked questions from our customers:

How many user codes does the control panel support?

The control panel allows 30 user codes for each partition, in total there are 2 partitions or areas.

How many zones does the Vesta control panel allow?

The VESTA (HSGW) control panel allows 160 zones.

Does the VESTA control panel incorporate a siren?

Yes, the control panel incorporates a siren.

Does the control unit incorporate a battery? How long is the duration in case of AC power failure?

Yes, the control panel incorporates a battery, the backup is approximately 8 hours.

What is the name of the Vesta APP? Where can it be downloaded?

The APP is called “SmartHomeSec” and can be downloaded from both the Play Store and the App Store.

How many devices does VESTA repeaters (VESTA-030) support?

The VESTA-030 repeater supports maximum 60 devices or 8 PIRCAMS.

Do the control panels come with a built-in Z-Wave module?


Can a control panel be connected to the Internet via WiFi?
Can a control panel be connected to the Internet via WiFi?

Yes, WIFI DONGLE module (VESTA-064) is required.

Can DAHUA cameras be linked in the SmartHomeSec APP?

Yes, a maximum of 2 DAHUA cameras can be linked per P2P in the SmartHomeSec APP.

Is it possible to communicate in two ways, that is, by GPRS and by ETHERNET?

Yes, it is possible to have two communication channels, the priority is the ETHERNET and in case of failure, the GPRS communication automatically takes over.

Can I change the polling time (Automatic test interval)?

Yes, to change the polling or automatic test time, access to: SETTINGS (Default installer code: 7982) –> Panel –> Panel –> Automatic test interval.

How to add or delete user codes?

To add or delete user codes (For arming/disarming and home arming) enter in: SETTINGS (Default master code: 1111) –> Panel –> Codes.

What types of arming does the VESTA system have?

The VESTA panel has 2 types of arming: Home Arming (Stay) and Full Arming.

Should the control panel be put in the IP range when communicating via router?

It is not necessary, the control panels come with DHCP enabled, therefore, the IP will be assigned automatically. There is also the possibility to enable static IP.

Does the system have inhibition detection?

Yes, the VESTA control panel is prepared to detect possible inhibitions and report them immediately