Climax Technology, a leading provider of smart home security and telecare complete solutions, is delighted to announce that our VCP-LTE Voice Call Point has been awarded the prestigious Red Dot Design Award in the Product Design – Healthcare category. The VCP-LTE (VESTA-341 and VESTA-349) – is an AC-powered Emergency Voice Call Point for users to easily summon help during an emergency. We are honored to receive this award, which recognizes innovative design and concepts.



Highlights of the VCP-LTE device

The two-way listening and speaking call point is a safety device that provides a quick and effective response in emergency situations. Essential for environments where security is essential, such as airports, train stations, hospitals, government buildings, among others.

In more detail:

  • Two-way call point by GSM to any phone
  • Integration with all VESTA panels for GSM call activation by rules
  • High-quality microphone and speaker for clear and efficient two-way communication
  • Easy to use by any user
  • Backup battery

As differences between the two models, note that the VESTA-341 device is activated through an F1 device and the VESTA-349 device is activated through the VESTA control unit.