VESTA by Climax presents a new solution for the analysis and measurement of PM2.5 and CO2 particles. It can be installed in all types of indoor environments, such as classrooms, offices, meeting rooms, gyms, bedrooms, shops, restaurants, banks and more.

Medidor calidad del aire y CO2 de VESTA by Climax

Integrated solution with the VESTA by Climax System

This solution integrates perfectly with the VESTA by Climax System, specifically with the IP Via Radio Control Panels that accept Z-Wave, such as the VESTA-046 and VESTA-047 models. Thus, we present the VESTA-115 device, for air quality control and PM2.5 particle measurement, and the VESTA-116 device, which in addition to performing the aforementioned functions, performs a CO2 analysis.

Outstanding features:


Integrated with the VESTA by Climax System


Potential hazard warning and tracking system


CO2 detector (VESTA-116 only)


Accurate reading of ambient temperature and humidity


Automation with other connected devices (thermostat, switch ...)


Historical collection of day, week or month data

In addition, it has an elegant and modern design, with customizable LED lighting, warm or cold, and night mode. It is small, practical, easy to install and configure.

You can request more information and purchase our products through By Demes, official authorized distributor of VESTA by Climax:

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